This is Ride.

Ride, Scorpio / Commissioned Work / Creative and Art Direction, Design, UX

RIDE concept lives within the growing boundaries of the realm of the so-called ‘Internet if things’.
RIDE is a platform that connects motorcycle and motorcyclist. Like a Nike+ for riders, it’s an app enabled device that combines the features of a traditional alarm system and keeps track of your rides and bike stats on the go. Furthermore, it enhances the ride experience connecting every rider with the other in a thematic social network.

My Task
I’ve been ask to support the product launch from ground 0, with a fully brand integrated campaign aimed to establish Ride’s tone of voice and identity. I creative directed the campaign, established the art direction and the main design of all the assets, and overseen the work of the different talents involved.



Ride Scoprio - Product Introduction

Ride Scorpio

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