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Photo Booze is the first ever beer tap-mounted camera connected to the Internets…
As far as we know.
At Weiden+Kennedy Amsterdam bar, we’ve created Photo Booze to capture the anticipation on the face of beer lovers just before they get the glass of Heineken they are craving. And, while we’re at it, to have some fun. … Actually, mainly for the fun really.


How does it work?
Unlike the following sentence, it’s very simple.
A sensor mounted on the tap lever detects the movement and connects via an Arduino to a Mac Mini running MAX software, which uses face detection to determine the best positioned face in front of the camera and takes a picture, which is cropped, scaled, rotated, and sent to a LCD screen placed behind the bar, while it’s simultaneously uploaded to the gallery of beer portraits at this very tumblr page.

Read it again. It’ll all make sense.




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