Milka, All for One

Our latest film for Milka, ‘All For One’, follows three kids as they go head-to-head to see who will go home with a basket full of chocolate goodness. Relentlessly seeking, sliding and nabbing every multicolored egg in their sight. But their selfishness results in the loss of one highly prized Milka Easter Bunny. It’s in this moment that they realize what Easter is truly about.

The film is at the heart of the pan-European ‘Easter Tastes Better Together’ campaign, which also includes digital and social content and OOH executions.


I also took few shots during the shoot that got used as social media bonus contents.
Here a select of some of them.

IMG_3055.jpg IMG_3072.jpg IMG_3105.jpg IMG_3102.jpg IMG_3118.jpg IMG_3135.jpg IMG_3138.jpg IMG_3205.jpg IMG_3220.jpg IMG_3233.jpg