Make Facebook Your Facebook II

With ‘Make Facebook Your Facebook’, we portray how people have the power to make the platform their own.

Following extensive conversations with hundreds of Germans, we discovered people have similar concerns and questions about Facebook and its functionalities – especially with regards to control, triviality, recurring ads, unwanted content and privacy settings

To dispel some of the most common misconceptions, our integrated campaign is based on hundreds of video submissions from everyday Germans, received as part of qualitative research that asked approximately 800 people what they thought of Facebook. The honest opinions in the self-shot responses comprise the campaign’s five TVC’s, on-platform films, out of home and print executions.

Each creative execution addresses and answers received criticisms by highlighting a Facebook feature or tool that can help better the person’s experience. Proving to the German audience that with the available control and privacy tools, everyone has the power to make Facebook their own and connect on their terms.

We chose for a very functional and stripped down art direction in order not to diminish the seriousness of the topic and reflect the pragmatic and functional response of the brand to the concerns of German users.







The campaign extended further on platform with motion graphic adaptations of the print concepts and with a set of tutorials on how to access certain functionalities.

(more to come)