Boondox Lab

Boondox Lab / Boondox Lab / Concept, Art Direction, Design

Boondox Lab is an Integrated ad Agency that I helped to found, during my last year in Italy.

Beside the work here showcased, Boondox has been a very interesting experience for the thinking behind it. As every start-up, it was moved by the desire to change the scene. It was organic as a collective, and full of skilled people. Back then ( and probably still today for what I know ), in Italy there was not such a place as a real integrated agency, but bigger realities divided between traditional and digital. Once recognized the limit of such a scheme, the main belief behind Boondox was that a creative should be able to deliver for every media. As a creative, I’m still a firm believer of that idea.

The agency moved very few good steps since the beginning, getting quickly noticed by bigger companies. Both for budget and clients portfolio, we sold the team to one of these. Then Boondox became Brex. Then Wieden happened.

Here some of the assets produced to launch the agency.

layout1.jpg layout_02.jpg