BASF Global TVC campaign

BASF / Wieden+Kennedy / Concept, Art Direction

The background
Many companies today claims the responsibility to be sustainable and to create an environmental friendly business model, but – sadly enough – most of the time the result is just a deceptive propaganda of budget shifts. BASF’s commitment to sustainability is different: instead of just adopting environmental friendly polices, they focused the whole R&D department towards the development of innovative and eco-friendly products. In this way not just the process is green(er), but also the final a outcome will help the world to be a better place.


The Insight
Some of the brightest inventions BASF is working on are the result of the combination of technologies apparently not directly connected. Just a different way of looking at technology, in fact, can lead to a window system able to collect energy during the day ( like a solar panel ), and to re-use the same energy turning into a light source at night.


The Idea – Connections
Unexpected connections and different ways to look at technology and needs are the key to change our everyday behaviors in favor of more sustainable ones. BASF is the enabler of these unexpected connections.

The idea is to illustrate that when people and things connect, we can create a sustainable present that lasts long into the future. This a story of progress that talks about the magical things that happen when people come together.
Just like with chemistry.



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Creative Director: Alvaro Sotomayor
Copy writer: Ebba Hult
Art Director: Riccardo Rachello
Producer: Ross Plummer
Director: Joakim Raveman
Production company: Radical Media
Music: Jonathan Goldstein