Aslan Avda

Nike / Weiden+Kennedy / Concept, Art Direction

The background
It’s an hot spring for turkey: Galatasaray have just signed sneijder + drogba to combine forces with current team powerhouses Burak Yilmaz and Umut Bulut. The club is looking strong as ever – nike turkey has asked us to strike while the iron is hot.

Our main objective was to energize nike football turkey Facebook page and twitter page, leveraging the Galatasaray fans’ passion. In suits-friendly words: execute best in class listen and respond strategy and identify and build relationships with super users ahead of the away game.


The Idea
Aslanavda. The Lions are hunting.

Galatasaray’s nickname is Alsan, that means Lion in Turkey, and fans clubs use different representation of lions to support their team.
So we decided to create and emblem cool enough to be widely adopted by the fans, and an hashtag to collect the whole social conversation in one big roar.


With different key visuals, and a manifesto, we posted pre, during and post-match messaging on nike sm with re-posts on galatasaray’s sm.
Conversation was real time with nike cm listen and response as well as reaction to match action and results.



Key Visual

Case Study


Pre-match newspaper poster release




In game replies.


Fase 2: Refreshed key visual for the second match.


Reward the community, with an artwork made with the names of thousands of members of Galatasaray's facebook page.

as_01.jpg as_02.jpg

Illustrator: Luke Dixon The Bear Hug